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Thursday, November 15, 2018
Bon Jovi tour 2010/2011 - UK review at Hyde Park - PART ONE

Bon Jovi tour 2010/2011 - UK review at Hyde Park - PART ONE

Tue, Nov 1, 11, 00:00, 7 Yaers ago
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Still amazing, and still retaining the definition of legendary performers, Bon Jovi does not need an introduction. Year after year they return to the UK delivering flawless concerts, and I have yet to be disappointed. Read on as I set the scene at Hard Rock Calling (Hyde Park) London in this two part article, of the Bon Jovi Tour 2011.

They were still able to run circles around us at the O2 in 2010, and at Twickenham stadium in 2008 Jon Bon Jovi said there was always that one song that was a gem, that was just right - he was referring to "Diamond Ring" at the time, which was being shouted out by several fans at this year's concert at Hyde Park. For me that gem song is "Always" which was released when I was 14 years old, but more recently I have been drawn to "Superman". Overall it doesn't matter what song they play the atmosphere is as electric now as it was twenty years ago, and on that note, it doesn't matter what age you are, you are always welcome at a Bon Jovi concert - a crowd of like minded people join and the experience is indescribable.

Of course I am bias; I am a huge fan and have been since the age of..... Well I can't remember. I think my mother started playing their songs before I could walk or talk, which makes her the best concert companion. Every time they are performing in the UK we are there. Unfortunately this year we broke our trend and were not right at the front as it was in festival format, but the sound and atmosphere were still there.

So let me set the scene for you, there is always a work up to any concert, my normal tradition is to book the tickets in November through advance warning alerts to my email, we then attend the following year normally in June or July. In between those times I have to check the date continuously (just to make sure I go on the right day), and bug my friends and colleagues with a monthly, then weekly, then daily countdown. However this year the countdown came and went in a flash, it was so quick that I didn't get to do half as much "winding up" of colleagues and friends that I would have liked, but never mind.

As this concert had a festival theme the doors opened at midday, with Bon Jovi being on stage at approximately 19:00. Even with that amount of time to spare I still ended up rushing my mother to the train station -bless her. I am quite pedantic anyway but when going to a concert I tend to regress back to an energetic school girl. This year was slightly different though, unknown to my mother, I had stayed out all night and didn't get in until 5.45am. I slept until 10am and then trekked over to her place fully kitted in two Bon Jovi t-shirts (one short sleeved for day and one long-sleeved for night), and tight jeans (of course).

Warm-up Acts

I find with Bon Jovi concerts you either love the warm-up acts or you don't, so I don't tend to rush to see them given how long our journey takes to get there (approximately two hours). The warm-up acts are either well known performers or ones that are just trying to get onto the ladder. This year the one that stood out was the amazing Ray Davies from the Kinks. Everyone knows their songs and also it boosted credibility for my mum from all of her friends, as not only does she gain impressed looks for attending Bon Jovi concerts, but this year everyone knew who she was referring to so double brownie points for the classy mature rock chick.

Jon Bon JoviDavies was the last warm-up act and then everyone knew what was coming next. There was about half an hour to wait and you could feel the tension building. Whilst others continued to get drunk, mum and I sat down on our chequered blanket with burgers and doughnuts, taking in the sun which got me thinking how does the weather work out in his favour? This year we had constant rain and thunderstorms in June, until the weekend of Bon Jovi's performance - it is like the sun comes out on their command.

A few movements on stage prompted the audience to quieten down and stare....

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