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Thursday, November 15, 2018

About Us - LiMIT

Formerly Lotus Magma, the magazine and brand gained popularity between 2009-2014 mainly due to it's flagship magazine "Off the Cuff". The international magazine gained over 350,000 hits per month, and reviewed, interviewed and published many indie and fully fledged artists. It also assisted many of its writers to gain experience which has led on to them becoming qualified journalists, professional bloggers/vloggers and authors. 

 At the time, Lotus Magma also offered other services such as copy typing, proof reading and general marketing and promotions. In late 2014 the owners decided to take a break, but there have been requests for Lotus Magma to return, so in 2017 the magazine turned into a blog and was re-published in a brand new format, new scripts with one main author contributing to the site along with some guest writers along the way.