Rock and Progressive Metal at its best - White Valentine Review

Rock and Progressive Metal at its best - White Valentine Review
A review of Doncaster four-piece indie band, White Valentine


White Valentine are an indie-rock four piece band hailing from Doncaster, UK.  They originated as a duo consisting of lead singer Richard White and guitarist Danny Flanagan, with their music originally sporting an acoustic feel. However with the inclusion of drummer Rich Stott and bass player Jordan Chester to the line up, their music became more indie rock inspired.

There is much inspiration from White's "round the world" experience, according to their Myspace biography, which is likely to be beneficial in helping White Valentine to stand out as a band and express a certain individuality on the indie music scene.  Despite their change of musical direction, it is clear from the tracks available via their Myspace page, that they have not lost their acoustic roots. Goodbye My Friend, for example has an acoustic almost folk-style feel to it, thus hailing from their earlier work, whereas the tracks Let's Let it Go and I'll Be Fine (which reached number 3 in the band's local charts), are much more indie-centred. It is the track To My Knees, however, which has the most presence, with a slightly heavier rock feel than the other tracks, boasting a powerful, memorable intro and a strong chorus, thus displaying the band's diversity genre-wise. 

It is thus clear that White Valentine have the potential to make a large impact on today's music scene. With a steadily growing fan base, they have already come a long way since their origins as an acoustic duo and this success is likely to continue. One slight drawback, in terms of marketing, is that information on this band is fairly scarce (and one must be careful not to accidentally search for the Korean film of the same name!) However, it is likely that this will improve as White Valentine gain more exposure as artists. 

Following the sucess of I'll be fine, the band have since decided to concentrate on other projects which includes competing in the semi final of 2011's Ballot of the Bands in Doncaster. There are also two new songs on their facebook 

page one of which is "Scar" which is the acoustic version but not the full band version yet as they are still in

 the middle of recording it.

If you are a fan of alternative and indie music, or simply looking for something a bit different, give White Valentine a listen.

 For more information, visit their Facebook and MySpace pages, or search them on YouTube.